Understanding the Relationship between CBD Oil and Vape Pens

The concept of weed or cannabis has existed for a long time now. Starting from popular singers to people who didn’t have money to eat but could spend a few bucks on weed, the tradition has carried on for decades. That is why people think that cannabis is the same as weed. That is not true at all. There are two types of components that can be derived from the cannabis plant: THC or what is traditionally known as weed and second is CBD or cannabinoid that has multiple health benefits. The confusion among people is whether CBD also has effects that THC has or if you will get high if you smoke CBD. No, you won’t get high! If you have been told and THC and CBD are same, then you have been misinformed.

Is vaping CBD oil better than smoking? 

Vaping is a rather new concept that is considered as a better alternative to smoking. It does not have the harmful effects of smoking but you can still maintain your habit of smoking for years. Here are some of the reasons why vaping CBD oil is better than smoking:

  • Vaping does not produce any smoke or emit any smell. Moreover, the vapor is free from carcinogens and smoke.
  • The vaporizers that are used in the vape pens operate at a very low temperature. This helps the CBD oil to react to your body better because the nutritional compounds remain intact.
  • The CBD that you vape will be beneficial for your health.

The relationship between CBD oil and vape pens 

CBD oil has numerous health benefits. From dealing with depression and anxiety in treating chronic pain, this oil will work wonders. And, when CBD oil and vape pens combine, it is a win-win situation for the users. Given below are some of the best benefits of vaping CBD oil:

1. No intoxicating effects 

CBD is not like THC. It will not intoxicate you even if you vape for hours. Most importantly, the therapeutic effects of CBD are far better than THC. Many people don’t mind getting intoxicated occasionally but that is very unlikely to happen when you are vaping CBD oil.

2. Vaping CBD relieves pain faster 

CBD is now available in oral pills and massage oils but they can take almost an hour or 90 minutes to show their effects. People who are suffering from chronic pain need instant action but that may not be possible with any medicine or painkillers. The only way it can be dealt with is vaping CBD oil. Not just people who are in pain, patients who have the tendency to get anxiety and panic attacks need instant help and CBD oil and vape pens can help achieve that comfort.

3. A better alternative to smoking 

Smoking has long been considered as unhealthy because there are millions of lung irritants that can have severe effects on the respiratory tissues. This does not happen when you vape CBD oil.

4. You can sneak CBD without permission 

Although this is something illegal because THC and CBD are still banned in some countries, you can use CBD oil discreetly in public without getting caught. The vaporizer will contain CBD oil that looks like any other e-liquid.

Nutritional benefits of CBD oil 

Smoking is not suggested to anyone but if you really can’t get over this habit, you can always start vaping CBD oil. There are numerous nutritional benefits that this oil has. Some of them are given below:

a) CBD oil has been proved to reduce symptoms of cancer to a great extent. Those who have recently gone through chemo treatment will face several side-effects such as nausea and vomiting.
b) Vaping CBD oil helps reduce various mental health disorders like depression and anxiety. There are many pharmaceutical drugs that treat anxiety but they come with multiple side-effects too. But there are no such reported side-effects when you use CBD oil and vape pens.

Apart from reducing cancer symptoms and depression, vaping CBD oil is also very effective when it comes to pain management. It will be worth giving vape pens with CBD oil a try, especially if you have been suffering from chronic pain for a long time.

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